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The conference is an investor and medical gathering. Its purpose is to educate and grow the Polish ecosystem domestically and internationally. This includes an examination of the evolving Polish reform discussion, but beyond that, patient access, medical acceptance and both import and cultivation licenses in Poland and across Europe. .

Held in the the heart of Poland, in Warsaw, we are gathering thought leaders, medical practitioners, established industry names and up-and-coming startups to lead a first-of-its kind conference in Poland.

Join us as we bring together the ecosystem, and create the space for the Polish industry to succeed by applying global best practices and avoiding the many pitfalls encountered so far along the way..

Previous Edition

Summer 2019

The initiative comes on the heels of an initial meeting on the 25 July. With no promotion we had 70 of the key thought leaders in Poland appear and create an initial forum with significant energy and enthusiasm. There is significant pent-up demand, which is the reason for the inaugural conference.

Speakers 2019

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Andrew bardes,

Managing director OF CannaVentures EUROPE

peter homberg,

partner, Head of german life science practice,
head of european cannabis sector group at dentons


CEO OF PHArMACANN International

Jonathan Nadler,

Group Managing Director at LYPHE GROUP

Maciej Kowalski,

Founder of kombinat konopny

Stephen Verbeek,

President & CEO
Hello Cannabis

Stephen murphy

Founder and managing director of NOBL

Maximilian Weinberg,

Associate director of Aurora Europe GmbH

Tomasz Witkowski,

country manager spectrum therapeutics

Jarosław J. Fedorowski, Univ. Prof., MD, MBA, PhD, FACP, FESC

Pharmacann international

Piotr Marzec (Liroy),

an active politician and former Polish rapper

Marguerite Arnold,

Leading investigative journalist in European cannabis and founder of MedPayRx

eyal Al Mishori,

Head of Global Business Development at
Bol pharma

samia al-hameri, Master of Pharmacy

Founder of "konopna doktorka"

dr tOMASZ dZITKO, mba

fOUNDER AND CEO of delfarma

DR marek bachanski,

doctor, Pediatric neurologist



ron drori,

CEO and founder of imp&c

Tomasz Krzesniak,

chief legal officer

Pzemyslaw lahuta,

impera alfa fund

Linus weber,

Founder & CEo of Nimbus health

Andrew de Roy,

Partner of Bearstone Global

patrycja g. bartosz-burdiak,

co-founder & chairman of orbis cannabis, legal counsel

Greg Gorzkowski,

vp strategy materia ventures

DR med dorota rogowska-szadkowska,

doctor, Author of 'medical marijuana. history of hypocrisy'

mike wise,

og labs

Andrzej Dolecki,

former Polish member of Parliament and key advocate of medicinal cannabis liberalisation

dan kriznic,

chairman, CEo & Founder
High standard capital corp.

Mike Klepacz,

Founder of natural materials umlimited

Simon Tankel,

president of wundr

Janaki Mitrovski,

attorney at law, co-founder of bilka skopje



alicja bińkowska,

Head of WeedTeam, NeuroCognitive Research Center, SWPS University in Warsaw

Ole heil,

director pr&communications at Bedrocan

Jędrzej Sadowski,

Principal Consultant in cannabis legal intelligence

christian borys


dr jessica grote,

gmp process analyst and dersigner at
j&k consulting

kostas ioannou,

strategic account, europe division

Karolina ostapenko,

key account manager, bedrocan

Mariusz Żak,

Founder of La Planta

Anna Słocka

co-founder of medicana


co-founder & ceo of
bol pharma

FAZ Moshfeghi,

winchester Md

Adam Kruszewski,

CEO of orphinic scientific

Mikael a. Kowal, phd

Clinical research coordinator at bedrocan

Why take part?


We will be joined by entrepreneurs and investors with the interest in medical cannabis, lawyers, scientists and politicians to discuss the state of medical cannabis in Poland and Europe.


By becoming a sponsor at our event you are getting a chance to reach industry players and increase your brand exposure as well as find an investor. At this edition of the event we are expecting 200 attendees – investors, businessmen, lawyers and doctors.


The industry is very fast moving and there is a continual amount yto learn about what is happening locally, regionally and internationally. the conference will be an opportunity to listen to experts on the front-line about the myths, realities, opportunities and risks.

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As a sponsor you will realise national and international attention for your product, or have a chance to find an investor to grow your business.

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