Cannabis Education Challenges with Samia Al-Hameri [PL]

What are the real challenges that prevent patients and doctors from getting effective treatment?

In this short podcast episode with Samia Al-Hameri, we speak about the readiness of Polish society to accept cannabis treatment. We discuss why in some cases it might be the only solution for the patient, as well as what led Samia to in-depth cannabis research.

Samia Al-Hameri is pharmacist, who is driven by a deep concern for the health of society and those patients in need of alternative treatment solutions. She researches the influence of natural medicines, with an emphasis on cannabis-based products. 

She lives with a mission to educate the society about the medicinal qualities of cannabis. Samia is the author of a first in Poland series of educational workshops dedicated to doctors and pharmacists. 

Samia is the founder of the project ‘Konopna Doktorka’, where she publishes fresh findings and notices of events related to cannabis in Poland.

Here’s how Samia describes herself:



“I believe in nature and energy she has given us.

Taking care of her property and gifts,

I devote myself to cannabis,

which has long been a guest in my life, as:

– a home medicine for numerous diseases

– a delicacy in the kitchen

– aromatherapy ingredient

…and even fireplace fuel!”


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